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Proper nutrition methods

The health

 Good health only comes with an individual’s commitment to a good nutrition method, for proper and correct nutrition is the most successful way to eliminate and prevent diseases that are widely spread all over the world and in our surroundings in which we live, and to obtain a large amount of mental and physical health, it is imperative that our food plate contains All the nutrients that provide the body with the energy it needs, including vitamins of all kinds, sugars, proteins and fats.

The diet must contain in its content large proportions of mineral salts and the right way is balanced nutrition without approaching ready and preserved meals, especially fast food such as hamburger and hot Doug, methods of preserving such meals have a negative effect on their content of vitamins and mineral salts, and some methods and means of preservation use chemicals that change the natural structure of these nutrien

Drink plenty of fluids

 An adult person has a daily need for at least one and a half liters of fluid per day in a normal atmosphere, and the proportions of these quantities rise according to need and may reach twice that amount or more in hot, humid climates, because the body loses large amounts of fluids, or if you are Exercising intense sports activities, as water is one of the easiest and fastest-absorbing fluids and it does not cause obesity at all, and the individual can drink it at any time he wants and this is in addition to the fact that tea, fruit juices of all kinds, milk, coffee and soup provide large quantities of fluids that the body needs throughout the stages His life

Carbohydrates and proper nutrition 

Most of our society does not eat sufficient quantities of foods that contain carbohydrates such as bread, rice, potatoes, etc. It is known that more than 65% of the energy that we must obtain is from carbohydrates, so try, reader, to focus on foods made of whole grains in particular Bread, biscuits and pastries of all kinds, and it is known that young people and people who exert intense activity in the day need large amounts of carbohydrates in order to be able to replace the energy they spent throughout the day.

Sugar-rich drinks and foods

 Sugar is an important carbohydrate, and it is an essential source of thermal energy. In general, all carbohydrates except for dietary fiber are converted into sugars, and sugars are found in quite a few foods such as: milk, fruits, some vegetables and grains of all kinds, and sugary foods, especially sweets and chocolate.

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