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How to strengthen your body in a week

A strong and healthy body is one of the most important health things that help us live and enjoy life, and do our duty in it to the fullest.

Because a strong body is one of the most important requirements of a strong mind, so strengthening the body must be among the priorities that we give to ourselves in order to maintain our physical and psychological health, and to enjoy strength and fitness so that our bodies remain in full strength and health and free from any diseases and illnesses, and it is worth noting that God Almighty We are commanded to preserve our bodies in order to strengthen them in obedience to Him, and the Messenger, peace and blessings be upon him, advised us to pray to God always to bless us with health and strength because our bodies are our trust, and for this there are many quick and long ways, where we will mention in this article how to strengthen the body in Week. 

[1] Strengthening the body within a week In just a week, we can restore balance to our bodies, get rid of the waste and toxins present and trapped in them, and strengthen them well and build their fitness, and this is as follows:

 [2] Start eating a balanced diet that contains all groups Nutritional foods such as beneficial fats, vitamins and antioxidants, carbohydrates, proteins, and water, avoiding eating junk food and preserved foods that cause weakness and flabbiness of the body, and the accumulation of toxins and preservatives in it; Because the beneficial food gives the body strength, energy and vitality and strengthens its immunity.

Doing and continuing to exercise; Because the most important requirements for a strong body is that it consists of strong muscles and a tight body free of flabbiness and excess fat, and the fitness that sport gives to the body makes it very strong and able to endure, and it is worth noting that the correct sport must include all parts of the body such as hands, arms, and feet, And the chest, abdomen, back, and muscles .. Sleeping for enough hours a day, giving up on sleeplessness and insomnia, so that the hours of sleep are at night, and not less than eight hours a day at least because it relaxes the body, renews its energy and allows it to restore its balance. Drink at least two and a half liters of water a day; Because water is the basis of the body’s strength, and a reason to purify it from waste and toxins. Strengthening the spiritual energy of the body, ridding it of negative energy, anxiety, tension and depression, and trying to go out on a journey of recreation to restore activity, renew energy, and relax the soul and rid it of negative energy. Foods that strengthen the body Among the most important foods that strengthen the body:

 [3] Potatoes that contain sugars that provide the body with energy. Apricots that contain nutrients that strengthen the body, reduce blood pressure and get rid of fatigue and stress. Lemon and orange, which contain vitamins and antioxidants, which strengthen the body’s immunity. Nuts, as they contain important vitamins for the body, and omega-3 acids, which strengthen the heart and blood vessels and strengthen the body’s immunity. Fish. Red and white meats. Leafy vegetables. Fresh fruits.

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