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How to cut nails

Many people do not pay attention to the way they cut their nails, some of them gnaw the nails with the aim of cutting it, and some of them cut the nails randomly and of unspecified lengths. Nails clipping takes more than just scissors, it needs a specific method to get healthy and neat nails. A person needs from time to time to trim his nails and feet, and a small group of people may resort to places designated to do this, but the majority do that at home, but they do so wrongly because they do not know how to cut nails.

How to cut nails 

Choose a suitable nail clipper or tool before you start. Clean and disinfect tools before starting, as they may be full of germs. Soaking the nails in water to make them soft and tender so that the process of cutting them is easy, especially because the nails of the feet are stiffer and more difficult to cut. Cutting the nails straight down to the tip of the finger, or until the tip of the finger is not visible. Ensure that the nail is dried out from the water, and not start to cold the nail while it is still wet, because that will lead to its breakage. Start filing the nails until the desired shape is obtained, and make sure that the tip of the nail is not toothed, because an old nail may cling to the clothes and cause a fracture of the nail. When file nails, make sure to use the file in one direction. Take a look at the nails, to make sure that they are even and smooth and do not need any adjustments.

Damages of randomly cutting nails

 Biting a nail may lead to the transmission of germs from the nail to the body due to it being placed in the mouth, and not being aware that the nail may be full of germs. Failure to sterilize the cutting tools may transmit a germ or a skin disease to the person, so attention must be paid if the tools have been used by someone before you, especially in special places for cutting nails, so it is not wrong to request sterilization of the tools before starting the cutting. Using the cutting tools incorrectly may lead to infections in the skin, or it may lead to excessive cutting of the nails to pain at the site of the cut, or may lead to blood sometimes. Failure to soak nails in water leads to making them stiff, which makes the process of cutting nails and controlling their length and shape more difficult for a person. A person should always pay attention to the small details in his life, as taking care of these details may prevent him from falling into health problems that he is rich.

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