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Boil water to drink

Boil water to drink Boiling water is one of the most effective ways to purify water at home, as individuals resort to using it to secure drinking water if it is exposed to some kind of biological pollution, and the importance of boiling water lies in the ability of boiling water to eliminate all harmful microorganisms; Like viruses and bacteria.
It is noteworthy that drinking water that contains microorganisms leads to digestive problems. Such as diarrhea and convulsions, and that the water temperature reaches only 71 ° C without boiling it is sufficient to not allow all the microorganisms in it to live for more than 30 minutes, but despite this

How to boil water to drink Water is boiled to get safe drinking water by following the following steps:
Filter the murky water using a clean cloth, paper towel, or coffee strainer, and it can be left for a while until it settles and then the clean water is withdrawn, but if the water is clear, this step is not necessary. Heat the water and leave it for one minute after it reaches a boil, but in areas that are at an altitude of more than 1,981 meters, the water must be boiled for 3 minutes. Leaving the boiled water to cool down, and it is worth noting that the taste of boiled water can be improved by pouring it from one bowl to another and leaving it for a few hours, or by adding a small amount of salt per liter of boiling water. Store excess boiled water in any clean and sterile container available in the house, provided that it is tightly closed to avoid contamination of the water.

Uses of boiling water Boiled water is used for several different purposes, including the following:
Drinking purposes and preparing all juices to which water is added; Like concentrated fruit and iced tea. Washing fruits and vegetables that are eaten raw. It is not necessary to wash the vegetables that are used in preparing food, as long as they are boiled during cooking. Prepare coffee in coffee machines, where the water is heated from 70-80 ° C, which is sufficient to destroy pathogens, but the temperature must be kept constant for a sufficient period of time; To ensure the death of all microorganisms, it is recommended to leave coffee for at least 5 minutes before drinking it. Teeth and mouth cleaning and sterilization of dentures. Sterilization of baby bottles and all their supplies. Ice making, as freezing water does not eliminate all pathogens, as bacteria and viruses can live in frozen products for long periods of time. Pet drinking items; Dogs, cats, birds and reptiles, as recommended by veterinarians.


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